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Douglas County
Senior Services, Inc.

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About Us

Helping older residents of Douglas County get connected and stay connected.

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Douglas County Senior Services, Inc. is committed to creating opportunities that allow older residents of Douglas County to remain independent and active in their homes and communities or assist them with necessary transitions. Our programs are designed to meet the variety of interests and needs of older adults and their families. From the active Baby Boomers to the frail elderly, we are committed to enriching the lives of residents in our county who are in the second half of life.  DCSS is a private, not for profit 501(c)3 organization that exists for the benefit of older adults. DCSS is the designated go-to place on issues about aging in Douglas County, Kansas.

Mission: To provide resources, information, opportunities, and advocacy that enhance the quality of the second half of life.


2016 Board of Directors:

Judy Bellome

Hank Booth

Kay Brada

Kelly Calvert

Dr. Dennis Domer

Dr. Phil Godwin

Ernesto Hodison

Doni Mooberry

Dr. Ellen Paulsen

Janet Prestoy

Steve Tesdahl

Dr. Maren Turner

Dr. Judy Wright